Fox and Scout’s shared room

When we started building our home and throughout the ups and downs of the process one of the things that got me through was being able to finally put holes in my new walls...I know, I know - I am a weirdo. As our timeline was pushed closer and closer to Scout's arrival our life... Continue Reading →

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Birthing Scout

On the 23rd of November 2019 at 8:55am we welcomed our beautiful little boy Scout into the world. He was born at home in our lounge room and this is the story of his birth. My first three children were born in hospitals but I have always been interested in home births. When I first... Continue Reading →

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Milky pwease mama?

Today marks thirty nine months of providing my darling Fox with nourishment and comfort via breastfeeding. Every time I post a monthly update about our breastfeeding journey I think it will be the last and yet somehow, here I am doing another. Last month my Instagram post was reported by someone for being against community... Continue Reading →

We’ve been ZAAPed

Three weeks in and I can confidently say we are loving our experience with ZAAP! If you missed my earlier blog, ZAAP is basically a pre-paid Mastercard for school aged children, supported by a mobile app. I have a parent login which allows me to manage their accounts and do things like transfer funds to... Continue Reading →

Raising Financially Responsible Kids

Raising children who are financially responsible is something that is really important to Richie and I. Over the years we have tried various ways to aid in teaching them the value of money – from chore charts and cash pocket money, to having their own bank accounts under my financial institution and more recently having their own debit cards with an app specifically geared towards children. We didn’t really have any issues at all with our previous provider but Mia just turned 14 and Eli 13 so when their annual membership came up for renewal we decided to give the new kid on the block, ZAAP, a try....

Style Me Pretty

I am going to be completely honest here and admit that when I first looked at working with Adorn Personal Styling I didn’t think it would be right for me. My exact words were “I don’t know if my wardrobe is nice enough for that” and then I immediately suggested Amy over at The Jaded... Continue Reading →

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