Repping do’s and dont’s

Fox and I have been representing beautiful brands on Instagram for over a year now and although I don’t consider myself an expert, I thought it was time to share a few tips. Here are my do’s and dont’s for getting into repping and more importantly being a good brand rep:


  1. Interact – make sure you are liking, commenting, sharing the posts of those you work with (or want to work with). Life gets busy, Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t play fair and it is easy to miss things so try show some love whenever you can.
  2. Purchase – from the brands you love where you can. Repping is 100% not about “free stuff”. If you can’t buy new, there are some awesome pages to buy pre-loved items on both Instagram and Facebook.  Beware though supporting small business is addictive and you don’t want to go into debt over it.
  3. Be kind – always. This is a non-negotiable. Instagram is a very small community so make sure you treat businesses and fellow reps with kindness. You are an extension of the those you work with and your own personal brand is everything. Nobody likes a bully.
  4. Communicate – just like any relationship, communication is key. This applies to both sides equally however as a rep it is even more important as it ensures that you maintain a good working relationship. Is your little one sick? Are you taking some time out from posting? Is something not right with a product? Let the brands you work with know! We are all human.
  5. Be supportive – this applies to supporting both businesses and reps. I have made some awesome friends through Instagram so make sure you support those around you. Like that pic, comment if you love someone’s styling. If someone reaches out for help, do what you can.
  6. Be true to yourself – figure out what you like and what your style is. Work with brands that fit with who you are and don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s. Everyone’s life is different, tastes vary and if you are being you, this will come through in your images. If a product doesn’t sit well with you, send it back. Totally awkies, yes, I have done it and no I don’t regret it.
  7. Gratitude – goes a long way. If someone takes the time to comment, goes on a liking spree etc or recommends you to a brand – make sure they know you appreciate it. If a business sends you products, thank them even if it is just with an array of beautiful images. It is the polite thing to do.


  1. Enter every search going – this comes back to being true to who you are. Make sure you are genuine in your love of the businesses you apply for roles with. It doesn’t matter if you have only just found them but interact with their posts, buy from them if you can and delete posts as the roles are filled.
  2. Photograph competing products together. Some brands will have this in their contracts and there are exceptions but as an example, putting 2 silicone teethers from 2 different stores in a picture. This is likely a waste of your time as the majority of the time neither of those brands will be able to share.
  3. Over promise and under deliver – if you won’t be able to post let’s say 3 times a week for a brand, tell them. Most will be happy to negotiate.
  4. Copy – nobody likes a copycat, imitation is not the highest form of flattery and you will be called out on it in one way or another.

Most of all repping should be fun! It is about spending time with your little ones, making memories and having a creative outlet while supporting small businesses.

Feel free to comment below with your tips or advice too.


Snoozing on our Jack and Sarah Homewares floor cushion
Finally starting to enjoy tummy time in My Deer Baby
Munching on his Modern Monty teether in Aubergine + Tutu with a Boho Sundays wrap
Holidays in Boho Sundays and Hound Hare and the Bear
Puppy eyes in Seb + Ted and Bibbidi Bub
Snoozing on our Oh Deer Doe roundy with Kiki + Spice blankie and Twine & Twig plaque
Bed Lays with Milkmade Avenue, Milky Goodness 88, Pikanini, Andie and Ollie, Penned Black and Ivy and the Wolf.
Chins in Ivy and the Wolf, La Galetta, Go Baby Go and Hopscotch Baby with One Little Two Little height chart
Wild Child in Cheeky Bubbas, Kiss Chasey Designs and Go Baby Go.


One thought on “Repping do’s and dont’s

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  1. Rosie you have been a wonderful rep and I love that we have crossed paths and become friends.
    Your pics are full of genuine love for my product which is what sets you apart from so many others.


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