Kiss Kiss Chasey Designs

One of my absolute go to brands for both Fox and I is Kiss Chasey Designs. I was actually lucky enough to be approached by Kari to help with a product release when Fox was just a teeny bub and we immediately bonded over a mutual love of mustard shades. The first item I purchased (for the release) was a stunning handmade-organic-cotton-tie-dye-bodysuit which was you guessed it, mustard.


Even though I adored it, Kari wasn’t 100% sold on the mastardy-ness of the mustard so she sent Fox another bodysuit which was even more amazing. Since then I have fallen in love with pretty much everything Kiss Chasey Designs brings out – Olive, Mustard and Cream overalls with a pocket, double pom pom crochet beanies, hand stamped body suits and more….

Even better, each of Kiss Chasey Designs pieces is lovingly designed and handmade right here in Australia by Kari and her mama. They pride themselves on creating pieces that are comfortable to wear, designed to grow with your child and good for the environment. Plus they cover Mum, Bub, Tween, Bedroom and Home products so Mia, Eli, Fox and I can all rock KCD together! Now we just need a men’s line Kari – wink, wink.

We are lucky enough to be part of the KCD rep team and although we live hours and hours apart  Kari and Chase are totally our insta besties.  Kari is has an amazing sense of humor, is generous to a fault and is just an incredible working mum, wife and total Boss Lady. Welcome to our Boss Ladies Behind the Brand club hun *insert kiss emoji*.

What makes you most proud when you think of Kiss Chasey Designs?

KCD is my second baby! And I treat her just as I treat Chase… I care for her, feed her (money), help her grow and teach her the do’s and dont’s of the world like never mix denim and denim…lol

I am most proud of creating her to begin with! I put myself out there, invested all of my savings and dedicated all of my time to create something different. It was a massive risk and one I am glad I made.

Do you have any tips for those just starting out with their small business?

Be patient. There was a time I too thought you know what I’m just going to shut up shop, it’s not worth my time or energy. But I promise you it is!

It takes a long time to build a genuine following and you will just want to throw the towel in (probably a few times), but just keep swimming I promise it’s worth it!

What is your favorite product – past or present?

That is the hardest question I have ever been asked! The fringe cardigan is right up there so we will go with that!

Who inspires you?

There are SO many inspirational people around me I honestly don’t know where to begin.

It sounds cliche but my mama! She’s my biz partner, my friend and she’s so proud of me she inspires me to keep going!

What do you look for in a brand rep?

I get asked this a lot!

I look for a serious genuine love of my products, honestly a lot of my BR’s start out as customers!

I look for high interaction and friendly banter, tonnes of stories please!

I look for honesty – if something is not correct or doesn’t fit tell me, i’m only human and making everything from scratch means sometimes we have flaws.

I look for friendships – I love a good chat and I ask for a lot of feedback on items so if you don’t have time for me how can we build a genuine friendship?!

Last of all if your entering a search don’t enter it because you want free stuff, enter a search because you LOVE that store! Enter because you will prob’s buy from that store anyways and because your love will shine through, that to me is the most important thing!


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