Swipe Right

Three years with this guy. My soul mate. Better half. The cooker of most of our meals (okay all of our meals). Adventure lover and marathon runner.

It was summer time in Sydney when we both swiped right. He was on holidays visiting his parents for Christmas and we got to know alot about each other with a tonne of messages back and forth. He even sent me a picture of the fireworks on new years eve, total cutie. We finally decided to meet up over coffee, but I cancelled on him when something came up.

Luckily he gave me a second chance, so we set another coffee date. I rocked up in my active wear and he had a cast on his hand (from having his finger re-broken after a horrible motorbike accident a few months prior). That first time we met in person, I just knew right away that he was special – in a good way. Like we were meant to meet and that he would be a huge part in my life.

He lived in Canberra and I lived in Sydney, despite that he drove 3 hours to see me the following weekend, then the one after that and the next one and the one after that, well you get the gist. We couldn’t get enough of each other.


Despite the long distance, we managed to have lots of fun adventures together. We cherished the time we had together each weekend and the kids bonded with him really quickly. When he went on his (already booked) overseas trip six months into dating, I felt like a piece of me was missing. It was a very long six weeks and although he had a blast overseas we were all happy once he arrived back in Canberra.


Just shy of two months later he made his final drive up to Sydney, with his belongings, to move in with us. A week later, after a boozy weekend away, we were engaged. We had already decided that we wanted to not not try for a baby and were lucky to fall pregnant shortly afterwards.


Eleven days before our first anniversary, boom hello world we are having a baby together. Being pregnant with Fox was tough, I was nauseous for the first three months and pretty highly stung for the remaining 6 months. Poor Richard went from having meals cooked for him all the time (and even being sent back to Canberra with him) to basically taking care of all of us because I was not in a great place. We moved into a bigger house then Fox arrived and we both fell madly in love with him.


In June last year we decided to move to Canberra, Richie missed the lifestyle and we both agreed that it would be better for us all as a family. I am not going to lie and say it has been all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows because well it hasn’t. We both push each others buttons like crazy but we have finally set a date for our wedding – Woo Hoo – and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives annoying each other with Mia, Eli and our tiny little tyrant, Fox.



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