Yo Flo

Lets talk periods.

None of us really like them, discussing them openly is still taboo and with the recent movement to abolish GST on tampons as a “luxury” item they are a controversial subject especially in Australia.

Now I won’t go into my feelings on anything relating to periods being considered a “luxury”.

What I will do is give you an account of my last 24 hours using absorbent underwear from Modi Bodi Australia.

If you are an avid watcher of my Instagram stories you will have seen a few recently about my purchase from them last week.

I ordered them online through the link in The Jaded Monkey’s Instagram bio and was pretty chuffed to be able to save 10%.

There were a few options to choose from but I went with a Classic Bikini pair for Mia (and the dreaded day she gets her period for the first time), the Seamfree Full brief, Sensual Hi Waist Bikini – Heavy and Sensual Hi Waist Bikini – Light pairs for myself.

I got my usual size plus the next size up so that I could assess fit and while my normal size does fit me, I prefer the next size up pairs I got in terms of muffin top conceal-ability. Mia is 12 and the 3XS fit her well.

Now for probably the first time in a long time, I was actually a bit excited when my period arrived. The opportunity to test drive these babies, see what all the fuss was about and if the cost was worth it almost made up for my monday-plus-period-itis.

Given that it was a work day I pulled out the big guns and slipped on the Seamfree Full Brief pair equipped with heavy absorbancy capabilities. Their website states “15-20ml = 2 tampons or 3 teaspoons”. They felt a bit odd at first as I am usually a tampon kinda gal but I soon got used to them and went about my day as normal.

I was super skeptical and in hindsight probably should have chosen a home day but you know, that’s me, living on the wild side. I am pleased to say that I went a full 12 HOURS with no leaks at all. I have no idea how many teaspoons of womb lining I usually go through on the first day of my period and everyone is different but for me they worked as meant to.

I then donned the prettier Sensual Hi Waist Bikini – Heavy for the overnight run and again am pleased to report no incidents.

Now the nitty gritty…

The times I have worn a pad, you get a bit of a damp feeling (you know what I am talking about?) and while I did still have that occasionally – especially when I was walking around doing daycare pick-up – it seemed to go quite quickly, I can only assume thanks to the moisture-wicking technology.

The scent, that metallic-ness was definitely present at the end of the day when I did my change over but I wouldn’t say any more than usual with a pad. I think 12 hours is possibly a tad too long for one pair and would suggest 8-9 hours at most so 3 pairs in a 24 hour period.

The washing, if you aren’t a fan of hand-washing or blood this part is a bit icky. After wearing, they need to be run under cold water until it runs clear then washed on a delicates cycle before being dried in the sun. I have to say this was my least favorite aspect but it still wouldn’t put me off wearing them or purchasing more pairs.

Overall they get a big thumbs up from me and the environmental and financial savings aspect makes them 100% worth the investment. I would love to hear about your experience with these or similar products so feel free to tell me about it in the comments section.

#notsponsored too, just so y’all are aware ha.

Now, I am off to Netflix and eat some donuts!

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