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I am going to be completely honest here and admit that when I first looked at working with Adorn Personal Styling I didn’t think it would be right for me. My exact words were “I don’t know if my wardrobe is nice enough for that” and then I immediately suggested Amy over at The Jaded Monkey because she is MUCH more stylish than I am.

Luckily Julia is passionate about helping women to feel confident about choosing  and putting together clothes for themselves, regardless of what their wardrobe is like and that put me at ease a little.

Still, I had never done anything like this before and was a bit hesitant. I decided to go ahead after the process was explained to me because, really, I need all the help I can get when it comes to fashion.

Richie took the kids out so that Julia and I could chat in peace. I made a bit of an effort popping on some make up then doing my hair and was so glad I did once Julia arrived (right on schedule). She was super put together, as any stylist should be right?! Queue nervousness.

We sat down for a chat and my nerves were quickly calmed by how lovely Julia is. Super down to earth, a mama herself to three beautiful kiddies (including a toddler) and an easy sense humour – totally my kind of people.

A few questions were asked including how I would describe my style, what my goal style is and who my style icon is. We then went through some details on my personality, hair colour, eye shade and skin tone before discussing which season I fall under colour wise – surprise surprise Autumn, hello mustards / dusty pink / navy / olive Greens and ughhh purple.

I really dislike shopping so when I do, I tend to shop online. Julia took my measurements so that she could look at some small businesses for me and shop for me in future if needed.

We then headed upstairs to check out my wardrobe situation…

Earlier this year I Marie Kondo’d my wardrobe, so I really wasn’t expecting it to be too much of a process but after a quick look we realised that I needed to cull more brutally.

My wardrobe was a mix of pre-Fox-skinny-Rosie, breastfeeding-mum, I-am-at-the-shops-and-that’s-cheap, activewear-to-not-be-active-in, gifted and I-love-small-business-so-going-to-buy-that clothes. No real thought about a capsule wardrobe, my body shape or if items actually suited me.

Julia started taking things out for me to try on, including some of my faves. I initially hid around the corner changing into each piece but luckily I had worn my cute Bimby & Roy matching set because by the end of it I was changing in full view, sorry Julia haha.

We made some piles – bin, donate, alter, home / camping – then the rest of my wear-out-of-the-house items were popped back in the wardrobe.

Before we decided these are NOT right on me

Going through was surprisingly enjoyable and we both had a really good laugh. Despite reducing my clothes down to about a third, I felt amazing by the end of it and after chatting about the pieces I needed to add we booked in time to go shopping.

From the YES pile

We chose to go to Canberra Outlet Centre because I really HATE spending big amounts of money on myself and also took our toddlers with us because mumlife (yes, we are as mad as each other). Although we had a successful trip (broken up with a trip to Monkey Mania) I would recommend making time to go without children so that you can really relax, focus and enjoy the experience.

Julia picked out some pieces and so did I which really helped me get a feel for what suits my body shape (hour glass, thanks Keto) and how to accentuate the bits I like while hiding the parts I am more self-conscious about (talking about you arms).

I ended up spending about $100 over my budget but took home two tops and a pair of pants from Cue, a winter jacket with a top and skirt from Portmans then a top and skirt from Forecast so I was pretty happy with that.

I still have a few gaps to fill – new jeans that don’t make me look shorter, some winter boots and some smart casual pieces but overall I really loved how the whole experience went so though I would share it with you all.

I wore this outfit to work on Wednesday and felt soooo good!

If you are based in Canberra,  give @adornpersonalsyling a follow and feel free to use ROSIE10 for 10% off packages at Adorn Personal Styling.

Note: This was not a paid collaboration. The time Julia spent with me was gifted in exchange for a post and stories on Instagram but the thoughts shared are all 100% my own.

Have a question or comment? Let me know below.

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