Fox and Scout’s shared room

When we started building our home and throughout the ups and downs of the process one of the things that got me through was being able to finally put holes in my new walls…I know, I know – I am a weirdo.

As our timeline was pushed closer and closer to Scout’s arrival our life became more about surviving the final build stages, packing up a house, moving into a new one and then enjoying the newborn haze took over so this room (and blog) have taken way longer than anticipated.

Now that we are well and truly settled and I am 95% done with the boy’s beautiful shared bedroom/playroom (for now) I figured it was time to share it with you all.


The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child – Joe Houldsworth.


Foxie’s house bed is from Howe and Zo. Every product we own from them (and we own everything they make) is beautifully handmade in Perth and since I love their quality so much it made sense for us to upgrade him from their teepee bed to their house bed. I get asked ALL the time where the linen canopy is from…it was lovingly made by my sister Milly and no, I don’t think she is keen on making more, sorry lovelies.


We went with a king single sized bed this time around so that it can grow with Fox and we can also either lie in bed with him for story time or just sleep in there next to him. It has been the best decision ever so far because there has been lots of musical beds since Scout arrived. The mattress we got from Ecosa is super comfy, both the outer and waterproof covers can be chucked in the wash and you can also easily adjust the firmness. Plus Fox had a tonne of fun with the box when it first arrived.


I managed to find a pre-loved bed base on Facebook marketplace and just love how lush the ensemble look is. I splurged on a beautiful handmade Bee sheet and cushion from Princess Panda Pants (no regrets) and then grabbed the rest of Foxie’s bedding on a trip to Ikea.


The boys spaces are tied together with lovely bamboo name plaques from Arlo and Co in Freehand font.


I have lusted after a moses basket from The Young Folk Collective since they first opened and Fox was a babe so of course it was one of the very first things I organised when I fell pregnant with Scout. Paired with their stand and an organic baby nest from Bub Nest I have spent alot of time gazing at Scout while he sleeps soundly in his little space or as he looks up at his beautiful curved rainbow mobile from Little Cloud Lane.


This dolls cradle was given to my sisters and I by a family friend and I love that it is now being used in the boys room for all of their special soft toys. They have a beautiful collection from Cuddle and KindAnd the Little Dog Laughed and of course some other handmade or hand me teddies.


Our sheer curtains and roller blind from Dollar Curtains + Blinds give the whole room a softer look and of course help make sure we can not only blockout the light when needed but also help keep the temperature more regulated.



Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity – Kay Redfield Jamison


Ah the joy I get from having actual hooks in the wall, even though now that we are in I still use 3M hooks in some places. Seriously though, I love this play corner in the boys room. It is filled with beautiful pieces that are designed to inspire play while still being lovely and calm.

Our Ikea kitchen which can be turned around to play cafe’s, markets, flower shops.

The Howe and Zo stepped pyramid which gets played with daily. Building things like towers, bridges, ball runs and animal enclosures for the zoo and then having all the fun knocking them down and making something new.

Our wooden car collection is from various places but mostly Love Tildy along with their rainbow puzzle, donut stacker and Foxie’s favorite wooden ship.

Our crochet fruit and veggies are from Kiss Chasey Designs and they are currently Scout’s fave to play with, throw and munch on.


Our Made from Good Deeds hangars display a rotation of our favorite prints alongside the lush Modern Monty animal alphabet poster and felt flowers from Wallflower Arrangements.



I also keep this amazing felted ultrasound hoop from Three Wildlings up permanently because it is just so beautiful. The time and attention to detail that has gone into it second to none!



I may have a thing for spinning tops… the big one from Little Big Learning though…all the heart eyes.


Our collection of memory games, puzzles and snap games from Modern Monty is so beautiful. Both on display and of course each card when they are out being played with.


Baskets are a great way of containing some of the smaller pieces in their play area and hiding their instruments when mama’s brain can’t take the noise.


Obligatory Ikea book shelving (inspired mostly by @thisloveandchaos) holding some of our precious books – some older ones which were mine or Richie’s as kids and some new ones from Pickwick and Sprout – plus our beautiful tangram from Milk and Sticks.


Change Time


These drawers kill my life but we got them second hand years ago and they serve us well for change time. Anyone else’s set bowed in the middle? Ha. Luckily our change mat / bassinet cover from Savannah and Three distracts me with it’s prettiness.


The drawers are also a great spot for our night light / white noise / aroma snooze from Lively Living to sit away from little fingers haha.

IMG_0377So yeah. That’s the boys shared bedroom / play space and despite not having a door (it is our rumpus room) it works quite well for our family.

Scout is due for an upgrade to a cot but since we co-sleep with him I am tossing up investing in a matching toddler sized house bed for him instead. What do you think?

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