Fox and Scout’s shared room

When we started building our home and throughout the ups and downs of the process one of the things that got me through was being able to finally put holes in my new walls...I know, I know - I am a weirdo. As our timeline was pushed closer and closer to Scout's arrival our life... Continue Reading →

I wanna write you a love song

Dear Richie, Today marks one whole year since we stood hand in hand in front of our beautiful friends and family promising to spend the rest of our lives together. The love I have for you makes me want to write you a love song buuutttt I don't have a musical bone in my body... Continue Reading →

Honey, I’m Homeee

Just over a year ago we packed up our belongings, bundled our three kids into the car and drove three hours away from my family, friends and my job to a new state. Richie had been given a promotion at work but the catch was it involved moving to a place I had only visited... Continue Reading →

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