Our Story

I moved to Australia when I was ten years old, the eldest of three daughters, my parents had decided that Johannesburg was not a safe place for their girls to grow up. At fifteen I fell in lust with a boy three years older than me and by seventeen I was pregnant with our little love child Mia.

We married when I was eighteen and nine months later our handsome Eli arrived earth side. Our marriage didn’t last long, it was strained at best and we were both really still kids (try telling an 18-year-old that!). When I look back, miscarrying our third babe was the defining moment for me, the point of no return.

I was divorced just after my twentieth birthday and already madly in love (rebound? who knows, but it felt.so.real) with an Englishman I barely knew. We married two months after my official paperwork came through and spent the next couple of years playing house. Then one day, he wrote me a “Dear Jane”, called me at work to let me know that the car and keys were at the day-care and that was that. Another one bites the dust, dun dun dun.

I promptly moved back in with my parents and two sisters, it does take a village to raise a child after all – let alone two. Mia and Eli loved every second of it, my parents were still well, parenting as they do and were none too happy when I started dating yet another. Ever the rebel, I ignored the wise council of all those around me and spent the next few years in yet another relationship which was tumultuous at best. Thankfully this time I was still married so no more I do’s.

The kiddies and I spent some time just the three of us – hats off to all the single mama’s, that shit (sorry mum) ain’t easy! – before meeting the absolute hands down love of my life, Richie.

This kids is where the happily ever after begins, boy meets girl both fall deeply in love and an engagement ensues. Boy is the best step dad in the whole wide world and they decide they just must have a little human of their very own. Wham bam thank you ma’am and nine months later sweet little Fox makes a family of five.

These are our adventures with our now one year old always adorable, mostly mischievous tiny tyrant.

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