We’ve been ZAAPed

Three weeks in and I can confidently say we are loving our experience with ZAAP!

If you missed my earlier blog, ZAAP is basically a pre-paid Mastercard for school aged children, supported by a mobile app. I have a parent login which allows me to manage their accounts and do things like transfer funds to them from my linked Parent Wallet, monitor where they spend their pocket money and how they are tracking with their savings goals. They then have the kid’s app on their phones, with their very own login, which allows them to check their balance, spending history and set savings goals. The best part though? ZAAP is available as card and / or a wearable band. Yes, my mind was blown too!

I leapt straight in and got the bundle with both a card and a wearable band for Mia and Eli and this is how we have gone so far.

The excitement from unboxing their cards and bands hasn’t worn off yet.

Each week Mia and Eli receive $10 pocket money from us in return for their help around the house. They do things like setting the table, clearing up after dinner, loading / unloading the dishwasher, helping with Fox (there is a nightly battle over who gets to bath him and who does dinner clean up), helping with laundry and dinner etc. All life skills that they have been learning from an early age that will help them once they move out into the big bad real world.

The ZAAP app allows me to set up regular payments (either daily, weekly or monthly) from my card into the parent wallet linked to my account and also schedule payments to the kids. I am juggling a million things so have set up a weekly scheduled payment for $20 and then weekly payments of $10 each into both Mia and Eli’s accounts. I get a little notification on my phone to confirm the money is on their cards, so I don’t have to think about it at all! It does cost an extra 33c as it comes off of my card but that is 100% worth it for the ease in my opinion.

I am also able to manually top up through the app which is great for when I need them to grab something from the shops on the way home and if I decide to give them extra money for things like cleaning the car, an outing we are on or if they forget their lunch for school.

Setting up my regular pocket money payments to Mia and Eli.

If you follow my Instagram you will have seen a post about Mia being able to use her wearable band at Floriade to buy some Rocky Road. It really is so simple to use, exactly like tapping a card and so quick I almost didn’t manage to get this pic of it in use.

Just a tap and the rocky road was all paid for.

Eli has been favouring the wearable band over the card, I think because he doesn’t always carry a bag / wallet with him. He just pops the band on his wrist in the morning and off he goes.

Mia has been using the card more outside of school but she is a teenage girl and carries her bag wherever she goes so I guess this make sense. She uses her band at school though and is notorious for losing bags, cards, bus passes etc though so if she does misplace her card I can smugly hand over her wearable band and not have to deal with her wanting to borrow her brothers card until her new one comes.

I chatted briefly about Mia being my spender and Eli being my saver. True to form, Eli has $6.30 saved and Mia is on a big fat zero hah. I got a notification each time he put money into his savings and it gave me such a feeling of pride that he was doing it without any help or prompting. He still hasn’t decided what he is saving up for so for now it is just because he knows it is a good idea…*insert smug pat on my back*.

Eli transferring money to his savings.

I was worried about others not being able to transfer money to their cards instead of giving them cash but you can simply log in and change the card linked to the parent wallet so that would be simple enough.

I have been really impressed so far and am looking forward to seeing how we go over the next 12 months. I asked the kids what they think too so will leave you with their responses:

Eli (13 years old) – “I love my ZAAP band, it is easy to use and compact. It’s great that I can wear it on my wrist and it is always in sight. The app is simple to use and transferring money is quick. A great investment, thanks mum.”

Mia (14 years old) – “ZAAP is really good because if I can’t find my card or don’t have my wallet I can just tap my band! The card design is so cool and all my friends are jealous because they want one too. I am going to set a saving goal and put two or three dollars, maybe even four into my savings account, because I want a new desk for my room. The app is super easy to use which is good if you are in a hurry and need to check how much money you have. I love it, thanks for getting it mum”.

Mia casually checking her balance at the park so she can buy an ice-cream.

Note: This blog has been bought to you in partnership with ZAAP however the views, experiences and opinions expressed within are purely my own.


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