I wanna write you a love song

Dear Richie,

Today marks one whole year since we stood hand in hand in front of our beautiful friends and family promising to spend the rest of our lives together. The love I have for you makes me want to write you a love song buuutttt I don’t have a musical bone in my body so a love letter will have to do.

It has been a whirlwind twelve months – honeymooning in Bali, building a house, raising three kids, growing a fourth, a holiday to New Zealand, what felt like endless sickness and all the other normal life stuff that being a family brings.

We have fought way more than I care to admit and I know that our life together isn’t always easy but there is no one I would rather go through all the ups and downs with.

When we first met I sent you off on your trip to America and Europe with some love letters. I had a read over them yesterday and (after I recovered from my sickening sweetness) it reminded me of just how hard and fast I fell in love with you.

One of the quotes I used was “I love you, I will love you until I die and if there is life after that, i’ll love you then” and I still feel exactly the same.

We are on the home stretch with only a few months until (hopefully in this order) we move into our new home, our baby boy arrives and we get to enjoy the newborn bubble / festive season together as a family of six.

Oh and we stop paying rent and a mortgage at the same time ha.

I am so excited to see what the next year brings for our not so little family and I know that whatever ups and downs it holds, we will go through them together.

I love you Mr Harris.

Ps. I thought it would be nice to read through our vows again too and have added them below as a little reminder of the love we felt in the lead up to and on our wedding day.

Richie: “Rosie, from the moment I met you I knew this was what it was meant to be and why it had never worked with anyone else.

As your husband, best friend and lover I vow that I will never stop pushing us to try new things and have adventures, I vow that I will be supportive of your endeavours and will always be on your side.

I vow to never pass up the chance for a cuddle and to make time for you in everything I do. I vow to protect you and care for you always. I vow that no matter how angry or frustrated I may get, I will never, ever, stop loving you.”

Rosie: “Richard, eep, I get to be your wifey! You are my lover, my best friend and the most amazing father to our children.

I am so excited to grow old beside you. I promise to celebrate the highs with you and provide comfort during the lows. To cherish you, encourage you and respect you.

I will be honest with you and feed you when you get hangry. I promise to fight for you when things get tough and to love you with all that I am for the rest of our days.”

Pps. Here are some pics too because why not x

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