Raising Financially Responsible Kids

Raising children who are financially responsible is something that is really important to Richie and I.

Over the years we have tried various ways to aid in teaching them the value of money – from chore charts and cash pocket money, to having their own bank accounts under my financial institution and more recently having their own debit cards with an app specifically geared towards children.

We didn’t really have any issues at all with our previous provider but Mia just turned 14 and Eli 13 so when their annual membership came up for renewal we decided to give the new kid on the block, ZAAP, a try.

In a nutshell ZAAP is a pre-paid Mastercard for young people, supported by a mobile app, which has different logins for myself, Mia and Eli. In my parent app, I can manage their accounts, transfer funds to them from my linked Parent Wallet and monitor where they both spend their pocket money and how they are tracking with their savings goals. They then each have the kids app on their phones which allows them to check their balance, spending history and savings goals. The best part though? ZAAP is available as card and / or a wearable band.


Yes, that’s right an wearable band for their wrist *mind blown* which is especially great for those who are prone to misplacing their cards. One of my darlings (cough-cough-Mia) went through three cards in the last 12 months so I am excited to see how they go using the new armband!

The ordering process was nice and simple, we decided to go for the bundle with a card and wearable band for each of them so that we can have the full experience. One of the trickiest parts was getting Mia and Eli to choose which design they like the most. There is a large range of generic images (50+) which are suitable for a variety of ages and interests or they can design their card using an image of their own.

In the end, Mia went with “Wunderlust” and Eli chose “Formula One”. If I could have chosen one for myself, it would one hundred percent be the “Tropical Palms” – sooo pretty.


There are also three different band colours you can pick from – pink, blue or black. Predictably my too-cool-for-school teens both went with black despite my attempts to convince them that colour is life.

We ordered the cards on Tuesday, our order was approved on Wednesday and then shipped out on Friday. The kids were both really excited when their sleek black boxes arrived in the mail on Monday so we made a little stop motion opening video for y’all to enjoy.

Eli was especially impressed with how they were packaged, almost more than with the actual card and band, which was quite amusing. Of course, Fox was super jealous so now I am considering getting him his own one too. Is three too young?

Once we got over the excitement of the packaging boxes, cool new cards and stylish bands all three of us downloaded the app. I logged in using the details I ordered the cards with, set up a passcode for myself and then activated each of the kids cards plus set their card pins. Once done, I added in a regular payment from my account into the parent wallet. We give the kids $10 per week so every Tuesday $20 will come into my account so that I can then transfer it to Mia and Eli.


We are almost out of milk (again – does anyone else go through a ridiculous amount of it?) so they have both volunteered to go past the shops and get some after school tomorrow. Mostly so they can use their new arm bands but I am so not complaining as it make my life way easier.

Once we have used the cards, wearable bands and app more thoroughly I will do a follow up blog BUT I would love to know in the meantime…how do you teach your kids the importance of being responsible with money and at what age did you start?

Note: This blog has been bought to you in partnership with ZAAP however the views, experiences and opinions expressed within are purely my own.

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