I DIY DO – How to make your own Signage

I loved being able to personalise the signs for our wedding. They were a combined effort with me designing each signs wording in Canva, my brother in law cutting the wood to size and my sister Milly hand painting each one.

I looked ALL OVER for an easel and didn’t even think to check Bunnings. Luckily my sister did and the one they had was perfect as is!

Tip: Add a piece of timber to the top of your Large sign to make adding your florals easier.

What you need:

How To:

  1. Design you sign wording then print at Officeworks on transparency paper if using an overhead projector.
  2. Head to your local Bunnings to grab your supplies. While there ask to have your pieces of plywood cut to size. We used one piece of plywood to make 1 Large (600x900mm) & 2 Medium (450x600mm) then the other piece to make 1 Large (600x900mm) & 4 Small (300x450mm) signs.
  3. Once home start preparing your plywood by sanding the edges so that they are smooth and the corners slightly rounded.
  4. Wipe down with a dry cloth to remove any dust from sanding.
  5. Paint each piece with a coat of timber finish using the wide brush.
  6. Assemble the easel while the timer finish dries.
  7. Once dry set up the projector ensuring that the designs are centered and fit the piece of wood.
  8. Paint over the projected wording with the white paint using the smaller paintbrush, extending the letters if desired to add a bit of dreamyness.
  9. Add wooden stakes to any signs that will be free standing – eg Lawn Games.

If you need some inspo, have a little scroll to check out the signs we did for our big day.


If you would like to use the templates I made on Canva, click on the links below. Then in Canva for each one, click File then Make a Copy.



Capture the Love

Lets get Lit

Lawn Games

Advice and Wishes

Tonight we dance under the stars

Cards and Gifts

I would love to hear how you go if you try this at home, head over an let me know on Instagram or comment below.

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